Antonia Ruhl

Healer, Author, Hypnotherapist & NLP Master Practitioner

Antonia Ruhl realized very early in her life that she was born to serve humanity. This realization took her on a lifelong journey of self-exploration and self-development.

Antonia has great love and respect for all living things. She has a passion for life that is contagious and a depth of compassion that is a true rarity.

Since the age of eight Antonia Ruhl demonstrated great knowledge of the healing properties of plants. Whenever anyone got sick in her village she intuitively knew the right herbs to take to them that would help them to get better. Antonia’s great grandmother was a tribal medicine woman and somehow Antonia had inherited her great insights into the healing powers of plants.



As a result her grandfather decided to take her to the Kayapo Indians living in the Amazon region in Brazil as often as possible to allow her to learn more about her heritage and the amazing healing properties of many Amazonian plants.

Later, in her late teens Antonia lived for two years with the Kayapo tribe studying with the medicine man who believed that she was the reincarnation of her great grandmother.

Antonia Ruhl has studied with many spiritual masters from many different traditions.

Antonia Ruhl opened a natural health clinic in Melbourne in 1990 to fulfill her lifelong desire to serve humanity. Over the years the clinic evolved and now focuses on the use of Amazonian herbal teas to assist in the rebalancing of the human body for optimum health.

Many people utillise Antonia Ruhl’s herbal teas to assist in their preparation for parenthood, while others use the herbs to increase their energy levels or allow them to cope better with stressful lifestyles.

When living with the Kayapo tribe Antonia Ruhl noticed that couples desiring to have a child would always prepare themselves for at least four months using specially selected herbal tea tonics. The medicine man explained to her that blood cells were renewed every four months and that the herbal tea tonics were used to improve the quality of the blood cells which assisted in improving the chances of conception as well as facilitating healthier pregnancies and healthier babies.

Antonia Ruhl now uses these same herbal tea tonics to assist couples from all over Australia as well as from around the world in the preparation for natural child birth.

Living in the Amazon Antonia Ruhl also learned ancient techniques to energise the herbs to increase their life force for improved results.

Another technique learned in the Amazon is Pulse Therapy which is used to restore the natural electromagnetic energy flows in the human body.

What’s exciting is that assisting in restoring the natural reproductive functions is just one of the results of this powerful natural re balancing process. Other benefits commonly experienced include greater levels of energy, improved sex drive and a more positive outlook on life.