Fertility Testimonials

These are a small sample of our fertility success stories.

Disclaimer: Results will vary from client to client due to the many factors involved.


Getting Pregnant – Helen K.

“For the past twenty five years I have tried all necessary means to have a baby, with no success.

That all changed 2 years ago when I met Antonia Ruhl. …

I was finally able to conceive.”








Getting Pregnant – Anne R.

“My husband and I had been trying to conceive for approximately 4 years. …

After being told that I would require donor eggs I saw Antonia for a healing session. …

I could not believe it! After 4 months of treatment I was pregnant.

At the age of 43 I gave birth to our beautiful daughter who is now 10 months old.”


Getting Pregnant – Stephen and Elizabeth T.

“We were told that my husband’s sperm count was really low and the only way for us to conceive was going to be IVF. …

Only being with Antonia for a little over three months we were successful in conceiving naturally.

We now have a beautiful little jungle baby who turned one last week and after seeing Antonia for the past four months we are now expecting baby number two!”

Update March 2014: Five Healthy Children!!!



Getting Pregnant – Ilda C.

I was trying to conceive for about 3 years and even though I had at the time a 4 years old child I was having difficulty in falling pregnant. Therefore after reading an article on “Women’s Day” Magazine about the Brazilian herbs with the positive results of one of Dr Antonia’s patient it Inspired me to contact Dr Antonia Ruhl. … taking these Brazilian herbs for 3 month I’ve conceived. Now I have a beautiful baby girl called Olivia.


Getting Pregnant – Gayle W.

I first learnt of Antonia’s fertility treatment from a double page article in the Herald Sun in 2005. I had suffered a number of miscarriages and had been on fertility tablets for over 12 months, but had not fallen pregnant during that time. …

My husband and I visited Antonia and found her to have a genuine warmth and a professional and positive attitude to our situation. She explained the healing properties of the herbs and how we can prepare our body for fertility similar to preparing a garden to grow healthy plants. She also demonstrated her gift of energy healing which was very amazing as she transferred her own energy into my body. This transfer of energy was confirmed by my husband who was also present in the room as when he touched my arm or ear with his hand he felt a buzzing sensation coming through me onto his hand. The closest thing I can describe it to is like running your finger along an electric shaver while it is going. She also demonstrated her ability to transfer energy by opening a jar of her herbs and putting a stick into them, the herbs run up and down the stick as if they were alive. …

We decided that we would go on Antonia’s Herbal program and both my husband and I started taking the herbal supplements the next day. Not quite two months later we conceived and as an extra precaution started on the “foetus support” tea as I had had 4 previous miscarriages and didn’t want to loose this precious life. It was such a relief to have a healthy pregnancy and apart from the obvious morning sickness I felt well and energised throughout. I put this down to my regular treatments with Antonia throughout the whole pregnancy.

I was 40 years old when I fell pregnant. At around 3-4 months gestation my Dr tested for the possibility of problems due to my age. I had a series of blood tests and my risk factor came back equal to that of a 35 year old. Antonia had already explained that the herbs help renew the cells so that made sense. …


Getting Pregnant – Joanne Fox

My story. I met Antonia when I was 39 , after spending 10 years battling Graves’ disease , a thyroid condition . I was getting nowhere & was facing the reality of either radiation or an operation. . Neither of these options I wanted to undertake. My disease also made falling pregnant almost impossible & if by the rare chance I did , I would not be able to maintain the pregnancy. After 3 month’s of Antonia’s treatment, supplements & support , not only am I still in remission ten years later, but at the age of 39 , I fell pregnant with twins . Specialists informed me I would have a relapse during and after the pregnancy . Again under Antonia’s care I managed a successful business, worked & exercised until my due date of 39 weeks. Never have I been so physically fit & well . On the 15th of August 2006 , I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy, happy baby boy and girl, weighing 6 pounds 3 & 5 pounds 9 . During the next 3 month’s with Antonia’s treatments, supplements and care , I breezed through their early development with so much energy and exuberance. In fact my husband would say to me , “please sleep ” and I would respond with ” I’m too excited ” The twins are now 7 turning 8 this year , I’m still well, yet always go to Antonia for my yearly check up’s . My ” grease & oil check up ” I call it. Not only is she my “ooky kooky witch doctor ” , she is my guardian angel , mentor and part of our family as she treats us all. At present Antonia is looking after my Mother who has been diagnosed with an illness. I can never thank her enough for giving me my health back, giving us our beautiful children who are interesting, funny, intelligent , love to travel and laugh & for also being my inspiration to living life to the fullest.

I have no hesitation in recommending Antonia Ruhl as a totally professional natural health practitioner who is totally honest, passionate and professional.

Getting Pregnant – Jane & Sanjiv H.

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